knorbika (82)
Logibet index
3540/ 4606
28972897 / 4008
12261226 / 1569
14941494 / 1570
Átlag odds
60.84% Nyertes37.95% Vesztes1.21% Nullás
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    • - Tips in September

      Dear Tipsters!

      Unfortunately this month was not successful for me. But in September will start the EuroBasket, so I will publish tips in my favourite sport.

      Good luck! knorbika

    • - June summary

      Dear Tipsters!

      In June I ended a successful month with 14,53% ROI. I hope that you will follow in July!

      Good luck! knorbika


    • - February summary

      In February I ended a successful month. I achieved 22,5% ROI with my 10 tips. Follow me also in March!

    • - January performance summary

      In January I achieved 0,45% ROI. In February I will also send mainly basketball and handball tips. I hope we will win together!

    • - December summary

      I ended a successful year, and I hope that I can continue it. In 2017 I will also send tips.

      I wish you a happy New Year with lot of successful tips!

    • - November summary

      Dear Tipsters!

      I ended this month with profit, 38.25% ROI. in December I will send basketball and handball tips. Follow me, and win together!

    • - October summary

      In October unfortunately I was not  too successful (-32% ROI). But new month means new chance. I will send handball and basketball tips in November. Please follow my tips!

    • - Tips in October

      I ended this month with profit (13.71% ROI), this was my third positive month in a row. Next month will start the basketball championships, which are great opportunities for winning tips. Follow my tips in November!

    • - August summary

      In August I produced a really successful month with 80% win rate and 44,74% ROI. In September I plan to send basketball and handball tips.

    • - Rio coming soon, great oppurtinities for the tipsters!

      In August I will come with olympics tips. I would like to send handball, basketball tips, and winner bettings on individual sports. Follow me, and win together!