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    I have been following tennis daily for over 5 years and have a great passion for tennis and betting. I try to provide aprox 20 tips a month, (it has been harder with the number of tournaments significantly cut down for the time being) and I pride myself on a high rate of sucess within the tips I provide! 

    I focus on mens tennis across all tours (mainly ITF Word Tour Tennis, ATP Challenger Tour Tennis and ATP World Tour Tennis). I have a passion for following, betting, researching and playing the sport, I dont think you will find anyone more in touch with what is going on across the sport then me. 

    My goals for 2022 are to provide more bets from all tours of tennis, provide a higher quantity of tips and to broaden my odds range to include some higher odds selections. 

    Staking Explained: 

    My Stake # = Your bankrole percentage to put for the bet: 

    My Stake is 1-3 = You bet 1 percent of your bankrole.    My Stake is 4-6 = You bet you bet 2-3 percent of your bankrole on this bet.  My Stake is 7-10 = You bet 5 percent of your bankrole on this bet. 

    My goals will be to provide you mostly 7-10 stake bets, any further questions please ask! 

    Thank you! Dont forget to subscribe :)   


    • - Short Message

      Hello Everyone :) 

      Hope everyone is doing well, slow week this week with a largely decreased number in tournaments, just wanted to write to everyone to let you know that Im expecting a large number of tips to be published next week and in the coming weeks where more tournaments are being held.  Keep close follow and thank you for your support. - Ryan :)

    • - Update

      Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. 

      The schedual is getting less for tennis but we are not done in 2020!, There will probably be no bets on today, Saturday or Sunday  (which is mostly normal anyways, unless something fantastic sticks out) but Monday overnight I will be hard at work with the new ITF tournaments for the week and around Monday to Tuesday sometime I should roll out some bets for the week and be pretty consistent contributor throughout next week. Thanks and lets continue to end 2020 strong and head into 2021 positivly. Thanks again also to everyone who supports and follows me, it is your support that motivates me most. 

      - Ryan

    • - Update

      Very short update :) 

      Hope everyone is doing well, the picks are coming soon... I have had the worst health in 2020 and hardly could use a computer for the last week or more, Im close to better and ready to bring you guys winning bets frequently. I want to be a more consistant contributer here but my heath needs to be good for me to be able to bring you guys my best work. That being said everyones support is what keeps me going and im looking to finish 2020 off very strong!, we still have arguably the most amount of tournaments yet to be played  (in itf) and we can take advantage of this and end the season strong and push into 2021 with momentum.  Stay tuned and again thanks for the support.  -rf

    • - Upcoming season

      Thanks to everybody who has followed through such a tough peroid in time in all of our lives, we are only a couple weeks away from return to normal activities and all tours of tennis will be running (ITF, ATP, WTA). Its more than exciting time for all of us and I am starting to prepare for the season now in anticipation of lots of matches and bets to provide with all of you. My expectations are to provide enough bets across all tours to keep everyone happy. (25-50 per month) It has been abit difficult in the last month with exibition tournaments, lack of events and lack of any actually schedual to run off of. Excited for the future and again thanks for being patient in such uncertain times

      - Ryan Fawcett