Mitch (3)
Logibet index
1271/ 4565
11391139 / 4008
934934 / 1569
12461246 / 1573
Átlag odds
55.64% Nyertes43.65% Vesztes0.72% Nullás
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  • I’m Mitch, Tipster from France and I invite you to find me at https://www.bet-ibc.com, where I share tips on League 1 & 2 France, England and Belgium for your sports betting.

    I am an experienced tipster in the betting industry. After a long time, I decided to open my blog on Logibet through which I want to help you become as successful as I have been for some time now. I have a great knowledge of the French, English and Belgian Leagues, so you can expect my tips to be on them exclusively. Also, in addition to an analysis of the basic aspects of a game, I like to point out figures and statistics.

    BET-IBC agent is obviously the best for every bettor who wants to have access to the best odds and a wider set of betting markets with higher limits. My favourite bookmaker is PS3838 and for all the picks I share on Logibet, I use always the VIP-IBC platform to place my bets.

    I cover all markets for football, I share tips on France’s League 1 and 2, England and Belgium leagues as well. My blog covers other sports too including Tennis and Basketball which I've always done pretty well with. If anybody ever has a question or wants advice on the way I look at stats and info then I'm always willing to help. 

    I share on my blog 6 picks every week. I take all my time to bring out all the key points and statistics in order to increase profitability and also make the job easy for those who follow me. I’ll be sharing from now on 2 exclusive picks every week with BET-IBC.

    I love the 1x2 picks and always look for decent value of around 2.5 or better which works so well when betting with level stakes all at 1 to 4 Units. I never chase a loss with higher stakes to try and make up for a loss. Slow and steady profit all the way.